Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Fitness At Glengary Elementary

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Fall Fitness Testing

We got off to a great start in P.E. this fall!  After spending the first couple of classes getting to know one another, we jumped right into our fall fitness testing.  Students in grades 2-5 worked on completing our annual fall fitness tests. Each of the students in grades 2-5 were assessed in the areas of Cardiovascular Fitness (timed jog), Abdominal Strength (1 minute sit up test), Upper Body Strength (flexed arm hang), and Speed/Agility (shuttle run).  The students kept the data from each of their tests on their own Fall Fitness Test log.  Once the tests were completed, the students were able to bring their sheets home to share with you.  There are just a couple of classes who need to finish up still.  So if you haven't seen your students fitness test scores yet, you will soon.  But in the mean time, feel free to ask them how they did!  The students will continue to work toward achieving their grade level benchmarks throughout the year and they are encouraged to practice these things at home as well.  Cardiovascular endurance is a great thing to practice at home.  Students can work on jogging continuously without stopping as they try to reach their grade level goal.  The benchmarks for each of the grade levels is listed below:

Timed Jogging Goals By Grade Level:

K - 4 minutes          1st - 6 minutes       2nd - 8 minutes  

3rd - 10 minutes     4th - 12 minutes     5th - 14 minutes


While all of our students in grades 2-5 were working on completing their fitness tests, the students in grades K-2 worked on activities that help them to understand personal space/spatial awareness in order to move about the gym safely.  We have also been focusing on gross motor skill development, working on moving with correct form while running, skipping, and galloping.

Soccer / Kicking Unit

As we wrapped up all of our fitness testing, the students began the month of October working on lead up skills for the game of soccer.  We focused specifically on dribbling and kicking with correct form.  All of our students in grades K-2 participated in various games and activities that focused on the skills of dribbling/kicking while our 3-5 students were able to apply these skills while playing games of soccer.  

Components of Physical Fitness: Muscular Strength

There are 5 components that define physical fitness.  The first component that we have addressed this year is muscular strength.  Glengary students spent last week learning about the importance of maintaining strength and how it is not only good for your health, but can also help to make us better at many of the games and sports we like to play. Throughout the week students enjoyed warm up activities using light dumbells and plyometric (body weight) exercises, participated in strength building exercise circuits, and worked on upper body strength by getting an opportunity to climb the climbing rope and rock wall. 

Weekly Health Wrap Up

At the end of the students last class of the week, we typically spend the last 5-10 minutes learning about a bone or muscle in the body, or a weekly health topic.  Typically, we will cover a bone or muscle in one week, and a health topic the next.  So far this year, our students have used our skeleton, Mr. Bones to learn about the location, and function of bones such as  the skull, vertebrae, ribs, and clavicle.   We have also covered health topics such as the why we wear proper footwear for exercise and also about the importance of getting a good night's sleep and how it impacts the way we function and learn at school.  

*Below is a short video demonstrating some of the things your students have been working on over the past few weeks.  Feel free to turn the sound up on your computer and enjoy!

See you next month!

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