Monday, May 5, 2014

Field Day Volunteers Still Needed


This Friday is our annual Field Day!  For those that are new to Glengary, Field Day is a day filled with lots of fun, outdoor events for the kids to celebrate many of the skills they have learned throughout the year in P.E.   Thank you to those that have volunteered already, but we are still looking for people to help run or events.  If you haven't yet signed up to volunteer but would like to, we could definitely use your help!  Please click on the link below to visit our sign up genius website to volunteer for the event.

Field Day Sign Up Genius:


Over the past three weeks, our students have pitched in to raise donations to help former Glengary P.E, teacher Kirk Pedersen.  In the fall of 2008, Mr. Pedersen suffered a fall and became paralyzed from the shoulders down.  Since his accident, Kirk has gone through years of therapy, medical treatments, and surgeries which have posed quite a financial challenge for the Pedersen family.  So this year, instead of conducting our annual Jump Rope For Heart Event, we decided to instead collect donations and hold our first ever "Pedersen Fitness Challenge" in honor of Mr. Pedersen.  

During our fitness challenge all Glengary students got to come to the gym as a class to participate in some fun, fitness oriented challenge stations.  The students had a ton of fun and worked up a great sweat at seven different challenge stations including:

  • Basketball Hot Shot
  • Scooter Triathlon
  • Beach Ball Volleyball
  • 1 Minute Sit Up Challenge
  • Wii Bowling
  • Partner Jump Rope
  • Lap Running

It was a fun week for all of us, and the students have really rallied around the idea of helping out a fellow Glengary Gator.  So far students have raised over $3,000 in donations!  If you would like to donate to this great cause, we will be continuing to collect donations through Friday, May 9th.  You can also contribute donations to Mr. Pedersen's Recover Fund online by visiting his fundraising page at:

Click on the video below to see Glengary students participating in the Pedersen Fitness Challenge!

Gators Use Ipads To Improve Catching

One of the skills that our students have been working on this spring is catching.  During our catching unit the students participated in various games and activities to practice their catching.  We have also practiced catching numerous objects including bean bags, noodles, baseball size balls, and footballs, just to name a few.  We also spent one of our class times using the ipads to do some peer teaching and assessing.  Students worked in groups of 3 and took turns throwing, catching, and using the ipad to video tape each other.  After taking turns at all three jobs, students then got a chance to sit down with the ipad and a catching rubric to watch and critique their catching.  This was really cool as students got a chance to watch their own catching, and also offer feedback to the other members of their group.  It was a great opportunity for some peer teaching!

Below is a video of some of our students using the ipad and the catching rubric to evaluate their catching.

Drop Everything and Read
With Mrs. Grinnell

 In order to celebrate Reading Month, Mrs. Grinnell's students got to have a "Drop Everything And Read" day during one of their P.E. classes!  First grade students got to participate in stations using things like scooters, playground balls, and hula hoops.  While the students were playing at their stations, they would occasionally get the "Drop Everything and Read" signal and students would stop what they were doing, pick up a book and spend some time reading either on their own or with a friend.  Great idea Mrs. Grinnell!

Thanks for checking in again for the latest edition of our Glengary P.E. Blog.  I am looking forward to updating everyone on our fundraising totals and sharing some Field Day pictures in our next edition.  See you soon!

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